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Atlantis, Paradise Island is the biggest and boldest resort in the Bahamas. This mega resort is a fantasy world, part water park, entertainment complex and beach oasis. At Atlantis as the name implies …it is all about the water. Whether you’re above it or below it, the water and it’s myriad features and activities will both mesmerize and thrill you. From heart pumping exhilaration… to intriguing education, Atlantis will satisfy your curiosity and offer numerous opportunities for pleasurable aquatic pursuits. Like the life-size replica of an ancient Mayan Temple, featuring a series of thrilling water rides including the Leap of Faith, the Serpent slide and the Challengers. At 120 feet tall, The Power Tower offers guests four adrenaline-inducing slides, with staggering vertical drops of up to 60 feet. And for hands on education Dolphin Cay enlightens visitors about dolphins and a variety of other marine mammals.

ATLANTIS, Paradise Island and Bahamas FACTS

Location: Nassau, Paradise Island is just 180 miles off the coast of southern Florida, and less than a 3-hour flight from New York and less than an hour’s flight from south Florida.

Land Mass: New Providence Island is 80 square miles, 21 miles long and the 11th largest island in the Bahamas. Paradise Island is 685 acres of pure bliss connected to Nassau by two 600-foot bridges.

Population: New Providence is the most populous island in the Bahamas, containing 70% of the total population. Approximately 172,000 people live in the Nassau/Paradise Island area, with the majority of them residing in the capital city of Nassau. A native of Nassau is called a Nassuvian.

Major Airport: Lynden Pindling International Airport, formerly known as Nassau International Airport Nassau Paradise Island is one of the few Caribbean destinations that provides pre-clearance for U.S. Customs and Immigration services, allowing flights from Nassau Paradise Island to enter the United States as domestic flights and bypass the normal U.S. Customs and Immigration clearance encountered on most returns from an international destination.



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