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    Royal St. David's Golf Club
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    Ashburnham Golf Club
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    Machynys Peninsula Golf & Country Club
  4. Wales

    Celtic Manor, The Twenty Ten Golf Course #6
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    Nefyn & District Golf Club #13
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    Porthmadog Golf Club

In the British Isles there is a place where the people are as proud as its landscape is panoramic - this is Wales… Where ever you go history is waiting to greet you…the culture eager to embrace you… and scores of splendid golf courses poised to test you. Through the centuries, this land has seen many epic battles and in 2010 witnessed one of a different kind when the European side triumphed at Celtic Manor in one of the most dramatic Ryder Cup finishes ever!

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Location:  Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdon, bordered by England to it’s east, and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Seat to its west.

Land Mass:  The land area of Wales is just over 8,000 square miles and measures 160 miles long by 60 miles wide. (About the size of Massachusetts) Wales has extensive tracts of high plateaus with mountain ranges deeply dissected by river valleys radiating from the centre of the upland area. The lowland area is confined mainly to the relatively narrow coastal belts and the valley floors. The coastline is almost 750 miles long (1,200 Km.)

Population: 3 million and is officially bilingual: Welsh and English have equal status.

Capital City: Cardiff

Highest Peak:  Mount Snowdon at 3,560 feet

Major Airport: Cardiff International Airport in the south of Wales and Manchester Airport in the North of England. Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol Airports in England are also close and easily accessible by motorways.

Golf Courses:   167

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