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    Fairmont Southampton Golf Course
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BERMUDA is the oldest and most populated British overseas territory having been settled by England in the early 1600’s.  Some 400 years later, this island paradise still remains strong to it roots.  So much of Bermuda’s history has been shaped by its geography… and topography.  The island’s close proximity to America’s Eastern seaboard has made it strategically important internationally regardless of the century. And the spectacular but treacherous reefs that surround Bermuda have played a huge role in forging the colony’s destiny.   Many an unsuspecting cargo ship settled into a watery grave here whether lured in by treasure seeking pirates in the 1700’s or those that have simply misjudged the off-shore underwater ridges.

Bermuda is full of many surprises, with the first being just how close it is in proximity to America’s Eastern seaboard… 774 miles southeast of Boston and 1035 miles northeast of Miami.  The climate here is subtropical and is warmed by the nearby gulfstream making it an ideal destination to explore and enjoy anytime of the year.

This is not a huge island, in fact its small… at just 22 miles long and no more than 2 miles across at its widest… and consequently most of it features are small.  And yes most of the golf courses are small too but that’s a good thing.  That is why Bermuda can boast more acres of golf for its land mass and more golf per capita than any similar place in the world.  

Throughout the world of travel Bermuda is probably best know for its beaches… there are many and they are spectacular and yes, the sand really is pink.
And not only are the beaches a feast for the eyes, the water is clear and brilliantly blue.


Location:  Bermuda is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 580 nautical miles east of North Carolina. It's more than 1000 miles north of the Caribbean, where most people mistakenly assume it to be.

Land Mass:  comprised of 150 small islands which collectively total just 21 sq miles. The eight largest islands are connected by causeways and bridges to form a continuous fishhook-shaped landmass that stretches 22 miles in length and averages less than a mile across. All the islands are volcanic in origin, the emerged tips of a volcanic mountain mass that rose from the sea floor several million years ago.

Population: 64,200  (2008)
Main Town: Hamilton
Highest Peak:  a mere 259 feet high
Major Airport: L.F. Wade International Airport
Golf Courses:   7

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