1. Bermuda

    Mark Rolfing
  2. Bermuda

    Port Royal Golf Course #18
  3. Bermuda

    Stewart Cink
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  4. Bermuda

    Deep Sea Fishing
  5. Bermuda

    The Fairmont Southampton
  6. Bermuda

    Stewart Cink
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Air Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010

Destination: Bermuda


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About This Episode
Global Golf Adventure ~ Bermuda

 In the Mid Atlantic there is a volcanic mountain, that rises from the ocean floor and breaks the surface of the sea forming an island know as BERMUDA. It is a truly unique place . . . not only dazzling in its beauty but rich in its history. Here time seemingly stands still, yet for most there’s never quite enough for all the exploring you want to do. For those who visit Bermuda, like British Open Champion Stewart Cink who came here last fall, the golf possibilities are numerous and intriguing. 

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