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About Mark Rolfing:

NBC Sports Commentator and Host of Global Golf Adventure.

In this section Mark Rolfing personally answers your golf questions. Click a question to learn more.

How can golfers protect themselves from sun damage? (0 Comment)

Can you weigh in on the pace of play issue? (0 Comment)

What's your opinion on the anchored stroke issue? (0 Comment)

Who is your Masters favorite? (0 Comment)

Is Tiger back? (0 Comment)

Will Steve Stricker add events to his schedule since he is playing so well? (0 Comment)

What will be the story of the year in 2013? (0 Comment)

What will you remember most about the 2012 season? (0 Comment)

What do you think about the PGA Tour season beginning in the fall of 2013? (0 Comment)

What event are you most looking forward to for the remainder of the 2012 season? (0 Comment)

What will Ricky Fowler's recent win mean for golf? (0 Comment)

Given the recent fluctuation in the world golf rankings, who is the true #1 player in the world right now? (0 Comment)

Will there be a world Tour some day? (0 Comment)

What is the biggest difference between the PGA Tour and the European Tour? (0 Comment)

Why are some of the prominent European players like Westwood, McIlroy and Kaymer choosing not to be members of the PGA Tour? (0 Comment)

What are the conditions at Pebble Beach for the U.S. Open and who do you think can win it this year? (0 Comment)

What do you predict for Michelle Wie on the LPGA Tour this year? (0 Comment)

How is the Champions Tour doing this year? (0 Comment)

Did anything really surprise you during the PGA Tour’s West Coast Swing? (0 Comment)

What is your reaction to the groves controversy that has made headlines early this year? (0 Comment)

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