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AVIS ~ It’s Your Space, Steve Stricker

In 2013 Steve Stricker is going home . . . literally. Why? Because that’s his space and he wants to spend more treasured time there with his wife, Nikki and their children in his beloved Madison, Wisconsin. Mark Rolfing, host of Global Golf Adventure, believes Steve Stricker’s abbreviated 2013 schedule will have him eager and ready to play each time he tees off. At the age of 46, the only glaring omission on Stricker’s resume is a major championship. At Merion in June no one will overpower the course… the premium will be on short irons and particularly putting the extremely slippery and sloping greens well. Did anyone say Steve Stricker could win the U.S. Open this year? Rolfing did.


AVIS 2012 PGA TOUR Rewind

AVIS, the official rental car of the PGA Tour, began a very cool program this year, where the fans got to vote for each month’s outstanding PGA Tour player … and AVIS then donated $50,000 to that player of the month’s favorite charity. In 2012 the fans voted for:

Johnson Wagner – January
Phil Mickelson – February
Justin Rose – March
Bubba Watson – April
Rickie Fowler – May
Tiger Woods – June
Ernie Els – July
Rory McIlroy – August

AVIS ~ Extra Effort, Robbie Gould

Mark caught up with Chicago Bearʻs Placekicker Robbie Gould at Soldier Field and they discussed Robbieʻs extra effort in preparation for a home game.

Rolfing asks:
Is there a particular ritual that you go through at a home game a certain amount of time before before the kick off action?

Gould answers:
You know itʻs funny I do have a routine. And usually my routine is I come thru the tunnel, sign a few autographs, go to the far end zone, do my one step kicks and then Iʻll do a couple of full length kicks with all my steps. And then I try to kick the upright as if Iʻm trying to putt with one of the putting tools with the straight line. To draw my line to make sure that you know if Iʻm on the left hash or the right hash, that Iʻm making sure that everything is completely perfect. And the interesting thing about Chicago is we have some pretty rough weather. So trying to judge the wind or get it low enough to try and keep it out of the snow. Those are things I try to go through to try and learn what my pre-game routine is so that when I kick that 50-yarder, 35-yarder that at the end of the day I know exactly where to put it and where Iʻm going to aim. I usually pick out some crazy person in the back behind the upright, in random colors, unfortunately at Green Bay itʻs a little tougher cause everyone camouflaged. So youʻve got to find that one person who sticks out.

AVIS ~ Extra Effort, Steve Stricker

Steve Stricker knows full well what giving extra effort means. As recently as 6 years ago he had pretty much fallen off the charts in the world of golf and even lost his PGA Tour card. His game was in shambles. Clearly Steve was at a crossroad in his career and needed to re-dedicate himself. And fix it he did, in 2006 he was named the comeback payer of the year. In 2007 Steve won his first tournament on American soil in 11 years. Amazingly he was voted comeback player of the year again! So where did Steve fix his game? Florida? Arizona? Nope, in Madison, Wisconsin, his hometown. And that; takes Extra Effort!

AVIS ~ Treating People Like People

In these Hawaiian Islands there is a phenomenon that is totally unique… hard to touch… but easy to feel. It’s called the Aloha Spirit. This energy and power is meant to be shared. And as you share it you will find it is the secret for attaining true health, happiness and success.


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