1. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Royal St. David's Golf Club
  2. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Lava, Hawaii's Big Island
    Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson
  3. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Port Royal Golf Course, Bermuda
  4. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Wales Castle
  5. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Chicago Gold Coast
    City of Chicago
  6. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Humpback Whale Breaching, Maui, Hawaii
  7. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Navy Pier, Chicago
    ┬ęChicago Convention & Tourism Bu
  8. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Makai Golf Club at Princeville at Hanalei
  9. BEST of Global Golf Adventure

    Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Tips for Better Travel with Matt Ginella

Off Season Pre Trip Workout Routine

You don’t actually have to play golf to get ready in the off-season. In the winter develop a pre-trip workout routine in order to prepare yourself to play better golf and spend time in the ocean. Hawaii is the ultimate winter destination, especially for an active avid golfer. To build endurance and stamina, do some prep-time on a treadmill. To wake up the muscles you use in the ocean swim some laps, and to keep your swing in shape use a golf simulator.

Playing a Course for the First Time

When you’re playing a course for the first time be sure to check in with someone in the pro shop, they can help explain the local rules, hit some chips and putts, and consider moving up a set of tees on your first round at a new course.

Long Flights

In dealing with long flights it’s most important to plan ahead and keep stress at a minimum. Know your aircraft and maximize your comfort by getting a good seat like an exit row or aisle seat. Drink plenty of water, plan for how you’ll spend your time in the air and get to the airport early


Global Travel Tips with Dan Hicks

One of the first things you need to do is get a work out … If you’ve got jet lag and you’re crossing the pond you’ve got to get your body on that clock. So when your body feels a work out it feels like its awakened. The second thing and I think this is just as important –you’ve got to stay healthy… these are vitamin C packs and they are packed with a thousand milligrams of vitamin C. I take one in the morning and when I feel extra rundown by a lot of travel I might take two. This never leaves me and for gosh sakes get your body going - get a work out.


Global Travel Tips - Ryder Cup first tee

This travel tip is pretty simple. If you ever get a chance to attend a Ryder Cup whether at home or abroad - do it. And when you get there, go to the first tee. There is no place like it in golf.


Global Travel Tips with Stewart Cink

When you’re a professional golfer traveling long distances is part of your job. For Stewart Cink setting your body clock to the time of your destination is an important step so you can hit the ground running when you get there.


Global Travel Tips with Michelle Wie

Flying to and from the Hawaiian Islands requires crossing multiple time zones. Which even for the seasoned traveler means sticking to a plan and having some discipline. For Michelle Wie there’s a pretty simple rule that she tries to always adhere to.


Episode List
Chicago 2013 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Air Date: 03/30/13
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Kaua'i, Hawaii Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Air Date: 12/01/12
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Chicago 2012 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Air Date: 05/12/12
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Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Air Date: 12/25/11
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ATLANTIS, Paradise Island Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
Air Date: 05/14/11
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Hawaii's Big Island Kona-Kohala Coast, Hawaii's Big Island, Hawaii, USA
Air Date: 02/27/11
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U.S. Open Special Pebble Beach, California, USA
Air Date: 09/05/10
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Wales Conwy, Wales
Air Date: 07/31/10
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Bermuda Bermuda, Bermuda
Air Date: 05/08/10
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Maui, Hawaii Maui, Hawaii, USA
Air Date: 03/27/10
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